your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

it's going to be a joyous, laughter-filled, spectacular occasion, filled with too many amazing moments, loved ones, happy tears, and memories to count...

& sunflower & sage photography will be there to help illustrate your happily ever after for decades to come.

I'm a passionate, professional individual who maintains a go-with-the-flow personality and strives to make your entire wedding photography experience as stress-free as possible.


You deserve more than just beautiful images from your wedding day - you also deserve to have an amazing photographic experience throughout.

Truthfully, I'm not just taking your picture on your wedding day.

I mean sure,

I am freezing time and capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments that can never be replaced...

But it's also so much more than that. I'm also there to be your best friend, and whether you need a hype woman, a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or a kick in the ass to get things going, I'll be there with you every step of the way.


I work with my couples to help them feel comfortable and relaxed in front of my camera, and the results I capture are truly gorgeous and memory-invoking. I love having couples focus on each other and their emotions, taking a few moments to just soak up each other's love and enjoy the fact that they are now a married couple.


The moments that I capture throughout your day turn into priceless momentos meant to serve as beautiful reminders of one of the most magical days of your lives - and I take that honor very seriously.


Your wedding day is an experience - from beginning to end - and your photographer plays a huge part in cultivating that experience... So don't you want to hire someone who's going to make sure you're having fun, feeling comfortable, and enjoying the moments found throughout the day, while also taking the time to remember why you're even getting married in the first place?


My goal is to not only capture memories for my clients but also to create a photography experience that they will never forget.


I believe in embracing what makes you happy in life - and your wedding day should

encompass everything that brings the two of you joy. (besides each other, of course!)


Just like finding the perfect venue, dress and/or tux, finding your photographer should feel like a perfect fit for you as a couple; someone who you need to feel comfortable trusting + inviting into one of the most intimate days of your lives.


As your wedding photographer, I'll be there to capture all of the magic found throughout your special day and do it in a way that some photographers seem to shy away from - I won't just have the two of you smile and pose for the camera in the typical boring generic wedding poses you see everywhere... All you need to do is focus on each other, be in love + let me do (most of) the work.


I'll help guide you through various poses and activities that feel fun and natural to you as a couple, helping to create some amazingly emotional moments for me to capture.


With me behind the camera, your photos are going to be just as unique as you are as a couple. You may as well just go ahead and consider me the third wheel in your relationship because I definitely plan on getting to know the two of you as friends, and I'm not afraid to get (respectfully) up close and personal to get the best shots!


I'll be there to support the two of you throughout your entire wedding journey, cheer you on, and illustrate the moments that matter most.





1.) Connections & Consultations

A couple should connect with their wedding photographer, trust them, and feel excited about the whole process!


Sometimes, you just know when you've

found the right vendor, and that does happen with a lot of my clients, but I try my best to make sure that all of my couples genuinely feel like I'm the perfect wedding photographer for them before

they officially book with me and put down a retainer.


So, let’s make sure we are the perfect

fit for each other before you even book my services!


 From the time you initially reach out to well after your final gallery is delivered, I'm always down to talk over the phone, via zoom, or meet up for a cup of tea or hot cocoa and dessert! (Winnie's in Bridgeport is one of my absolute favorite local cafes! Highly recommend stopping in if you're in the area!).


You can even feel free to take a few days after our meeting to think over your decision and let me know if you'd like to continue with the booking process.


I only take on a limited number of weddings a year to ensure that I am able to connect with and provide the best experience to all of my couples.


Upon officially booking your wedding with me, I love getting to know you as a couple during an engagement session that I plan especially for you.


Why? Because engagement sessions serve as a great way for the two of your to warm up to me and the camera - making sure you're comfortable working with.

They also ensure you're happy with my quality of work and way of capturing before your once-in-a-lifetime day.


By the time the wedding day approaches, my clients feel more like friends, and that helps to foster a safe, intimate, and relaxed environment while capturing your wedding portraits.


Of course, you are welcome to opt not to use this service... But I do highly recommend it!

3.) Capture the Intimate MOMENTS

While you’re in the midst of the many big moments and emotions that a wedding day inevitably brings, I'll be capturing all the precious moments that you may otherwise miss.


The ceremony & reception spaces all set up and untouched...

The way your mother helps you into your gown/tux...

Your parents' faces when they see you in your wedding attire for the first time...

The groomsmen 'sneaking' in a few shots before the ceremony... And the bridesmaids doing the same 😉...

The way your grandfather looks at your grandmother during the anniversary dance...


I take my role as your photographer very seriously because I know exactly how important this day is to you.


I'm committed to doing all I can to ensure you have beautiful photos and moments to look back on.

4.) Gallery Delivery

As soon as I arrive home from your wedding, I upload all of the images I've captured throughout your wedding day (usually 1,000+) and create backup copies of everything for safety.


Within a few days of your wedding, I try to send you a few sneak peeks of your gallery for you to share on social media. These are to get you excited for the rest of your images and ensure you're liking how they've turned out so far! 


I choose the best images from throughout the day and hand-edit each individual image for you.


You’ll receive your images via a private online gallery about 3 months after your wedding. You'll be able to download as many images as you'd like, and even make favorites lists to better keep track of your images.


The gallery is also really easy to share with friends and family on social media. They can view all of your photos and purchase their own prints if they’d like. 


5.) Product dELIVERY

If you chose a package that comes with print products, I'll create a favorite list relative to your products...

This could look like "5 favorite images for prints" or "image for folio box"...

For example, if you ordered:


Acrylic blocks/canvas:

You'll choose your favorite image


USB box:

You’ll provide me with your favorite 2

images so that I can start designing your custom USB & box.


Folio box:

You'll choose what you want your box to

look like and 30-100 prints. We can switch the prints out for an album, and/or

include a custom usb as well.



I will ask you to choose your favorite

50-80 images to use in the album. I’ll get to work on designing your album

as soon as I have those favorites.


Once you've chosen your favorite images, I can start designing your print products as needed.


As soon as you approve of that design, it will go to print, and you will have that custom product soon after!

Thank you for considering me for your wedding photography needs!

it's truly an honor to even be considered.

It's so awesome that in your search for the perfect wedding photographer, you were brought to me.
Even if you don't feel like we're a good fit, I do want to wish you my absolute congratulations and best wishes for you & your new union!! Marriage is a beautiful thing for two people to share and the two of you deserve all the happiness in the world.

Let's Connect!