Behind the Lens

If a picture can say a thousand words, imagine the stories I can tell with a camera.

Aireal Sage Robbins

Hey Homie, My Name Is Aireal!

I'm A Photographer in West Virginia

Thats me/my face in the pic, if you couldn't guess already.

You better get used to seeing it because on your wedding day, I'll become your biggest hype gal, personal assistant, bridal party wrangler, and honorary bestie for the day! 😉

I want nothing more than for you to feel calm and comfortable on your wedding day and I believe a HUGE part of cultivating that environment is getting to know the person you'll be spending most of the day with!

So with that said, I'll share a little about myself here.


I love being able to call myself an LGBTQIA+ inclusive wedding photographer, especially in West Virginia (because let's be honest, there aren't many of us around here, unfortunately...).

I believe that love is love and same-sex couples are valid as fuck. I happily illustrate love stories for the gals, gays, and theys.

If you are offended by my inclusivity, I don't give a fuck & you can fuck off, because I am not the photographer for you.

These are a few of my favorite

Artists/Bands to listen to:


All Time Low

Simple Creatures




Magnolia Park

Arrows in Action

Billie Eilish

P!ATD (the old stuff)

Royal & the Serpent


Things to do:

Play Skyrim/Fornite/Animal Crossing/Pokemon

Rewatch Shrek, Twilight, or Pitch Perfect For The 100+ Time

Stargaze On A Clear Night

Rollerskate With My Bestie

Walk My Doggo

Explore Hiking Trails

Play Cards Against Humanity

Cuddle On The Couch With My Boyfriend And Cats

Absolutely Nothing

Be A Boss Ass Bitch


Bob's Burgers


The Great

Avatar: TLAB

Family Guy

American Dad

The Circle

One Piece

Rick and Morty


Gossip Girl

The Masked Singer

Ginny & Georgia


Valley Falls State Park

Dolly Sods Wilderness

Coopers Rock State Forest

Seneca Rocks

A Cabin Along Middle Fork River

Stargazing In An Empty Field

Exploring In The Woods Somewhere

Relaxing By A Waterfall

MY OWN DAMN HOUSE - I am such a homebody, lol


Color - Purple (any shade)

Season - Fall

Seasoning - Garlic Salt

Dessert - Ice Cream or Gummies

Flavor - Watermelon

Scent - Rose Vanilla

Food - Mac and Cheese

Animal - Cat

Store - Gabe's

Local Restaurant - J.A.G. Burger Bowery

Visual representations of me, on your wedding day, as told by gifs:

Oopsies lens cap

When i go to take my first shot of the day

Let me help you

when no one knows how to pin a boutonnière

Phone snatched


Teary eyes

during your vow exchange

I'm hungry are they married yet

immediately after your ceremony

ready for adventure


Beyonce put a ring on it


Dance dance


Let me sleep

AS SOON AS I GET HOME at the end of the day


Getting engaged is one of the most fun and exciting new chapters that will fill your love story. It's a time filled with love, anticipation, commitment, and lots of teamwork to make the dream work. Your engagement serves as proof of all the progress you've made, challenges you've overcome, and the love that you share for each other! This time is so full of love and hope as you are beginning to envision what the future will hold.

Now that you've started searching for the best West Virginia wedding photographers, you've found your way to my page... A place where joy, love, and creativity collide to freeze magical moments in time. I'm thrilled you've found your way here because LOVE LIKE YOURS IS THE REASON I LOVE WHAT I DO as a West Virginia wedding photographer! Together, we'll embark on a fun journey, capturing all the magic of your love story, one frame at a time.

I capture the power of human connection. Your connection is a tapestry woven from love, laughter, stolen kisses, and cherished moments. Let's strip away the idea of what a wedding day should be and let your true desires shine through on your special day. As a wedding photographer in West Virginia, I aim to capture wedding days that nurture those raw, genuine moments that are the heart and soul of incredible photographs.

As adventurous souls, you're used to taking the path less traveled, getting a little dirty, and dancing in the rain. So, imagine a wedding day that's just as carefree and relaxed! A day filled with laughter and drenched in pure joy as we explore a charming corner of West Virginia. Your wedding day is an expression of your amazing love story, so don't be afraid to embrace the weird and include special details that scream "This is us!"

Together, we'll craft a wedding day album that defies tradition and captures the essence of your wild and adventurous spirits.

So, take a look around my website and decide if I'm the wedding photographer for you! Your love story deserves to be told in a way that's uniquely yours, so let's embark on this incredible journey together — I promise you won't regret it!

With love and excitement,


I'm A Traveling Wedding Photographer With The Goal Of Working With Super Chill Couples

Just like having the perfect venue, dress, and/or tux, your photographer should also be a perfect fit for you as a couple. they need to be someone who you feel comfortable trusting + inviting into one of the most intimate days of your lives... You will be spending, like, 80% of your day with them, after all!

I pride myself in being able to cater to all kinds of couples + ensuring that you and your loved ones have beautiful photos and heirlooms to love + cherish for decades to come.

That said, I'm trying to work with couples who:

1.) Are super freaking cool (or at least their friends think so!)

2.) Are incredibly in love with each other + not afraid to show it

3.) Aren't afraid to get a little dirty if it makes for an awesome photo

4.) Resonate with the images found on my website and social media

5.) Understand the value of a photograph + what it can provide

6.) Will be supplying some kind of delicious dessert after dinner

Well, okay, so maybe number 6 isn't that important... but as long as you resonate with the other 5, I am the wedding photographer for you!

What Am I Looking For In A Couple?

Magnetic love, adventurous spirits, & go-with-the-flow attitudes

My goal as your wedding photographer is to create a fun, passionate, and love-filled photography experience that feels authentic to you as a couple. I want our time together to be calm, stress-free, and full of kisses, laughter, and smiles.

Sounds fun and do-able, right?

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Published over 30 times in various magazines, including:

Shutter Up Magazine Featured Photographer
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Have any questions about something I didn't cover? Feel free to reach out and ask me about it. I'll most likely overshare with you.