Hey There, Senior Superstar!

So, you're on the brink of your senior year – a time of epic milestones, cherished friendships, and exciting possibilities.

And guess what? It's your time to shine in the spotlight, and I'm here to capture every moment of it!

Picture this: a photoshoot that feels less like a formal session and more like a hangout with a friend who just happens to have a camera.

That's the vibe I'm all about – genuine, comfortable, and filled with laughter. Let's toss out the stiff poses and embrace the real, authentic you.

Your Story, Your Style

Your senior portraits should be as unique as you are. Whether you're into timeless elegance, vibrant energy, or a blend of both, I specialize in tailoring each session to match your individuality and vision.

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What To Expect From A West Virginia Senior Portrait Session

Whether you're looking for cap and gown portraits, creative-themed shoots, or a combination of both, I'm here to make your senior portrait dreams come true!

  • Genuine Moments: Capture real essence naturally.
  • Casual Vibes: Comfortable attire that you feel yourself in, lots of bad puns and jokes exchanged
  • Natural Flow: Minimal posing, focusing more on authentic expressions.
  • Prompted Realness: You're given little prompts to help capture more genuine shots.
  • Flexible Locations: Indoors or outdoor spots, generally meaningful to you.
  • Candid Comfort: Ideal for relaxed, genuine photos. Perfect for camera-shy individuals.

Senior sessions are great because of how versatile they can be. My senior portrait sessions are designed to be as unique as you are. To learn more about packages, pricing, and the booking process, click the button below!

Let's work together to create images that encapsulate your journey and mark this exciting milestone. Highlight some of your daily antics, talents, hobbies, passions, and more – it's your life showcased uniquely!

Senior year is a culmination of years of hard work, growth, and friendships. Let's capture these memories in a way that mirrors your journey, from the classroom to your favorite hangout spots.

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  1. Hobby or Passion Shoot: Incorporate your hobbies or passions into the photoshoot. Whether you're a musician, athlete, artist, or into something entirely unique, showcasing your interests will make your senior portraits more personal and engaging.
  2. Favorite Hangout Spots: Choose locations that are meaningful to you. It could be a local coffee shop where you spent your evenings studying, a park where you love to read, or even the streets of your hometown that hold special memories.
  3. Themed Photoshoot: Have a creative theme in mind? Let's bring it to life! Whether it's a vintage-inspired shoot, a beach day theme, or a celebration of your cultural heritage, themed sessions add a playful and personalized touch.
  4. Pet Inclusion: If you have a beloved pet, they're a perfect addition to your photos. Whether it's a dog, cat, or even a horse, including your furry friend will add an extra layer of personality and warmth to your portraits.
  5. Change of Outfits: Don't limit yourself to just one outfit. Bring a variety of clothing styles that showcase different sides of your personality – from casual to formal, and everything in between.
  6. Best Friend Session: Invite your best friend to join in the photoshoot! Capturing candid and posed moments with your closest friend can lead to laughter-filled and genuine shots.
  7. Letter to Your Future Self: Bring along a letter you've written to your future self. We can capture heartfelt moments as you read the letter, creating a beautiful blend of emotion and authenticity.
  8. Incorporate Your Art or Work: If you're an artist, bring your artwork to the session. If you've excelled in academics, bring along your books. Incorporating elements of your achievements adds depth and personal significance.
  9. Families and Generations: Include your family or grandparents in a few shots. Celebrate the love and support that got you to this point in your journey.
  10. Nighttime Shoot: Embrace the magic of the night with an evening photoshoot. City lights, street lamps, or even your favorite late-night hangout can provide a unique and stunning backdrop.

Remember, the goal is to capture your personality, interests, and achievements in a way that resonates with you. These ideas can serve as a starting point, and feel free to combine them or come up with your own to make your senior portrait session truly unforgettable!

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You deserve the absolute best.

In order to ensure my clients are getting the absolute best experience I can provide, I take on a limited amount of sessions each year.

Fill out this contact form and I will be in touch soon to confirm your interest, set up a time to discuss all the details, and begin the booking processes.

After that, you'll just sign your contract, pay your retainer, fill out a questionnaire, and begin (not so) patiently counting down the days until your session arrives!