Let's avoid making a 15 minutes photo session another thing to stress about

Happy Holidays everyone!! Welcome to my first-ever blog post!

Hopefully, you've already booked your session and are excited to capture your family at their cutest! You can tick that one off your to-do list! If you haven't book a session yet, I get it! There are a lot of things that may be keeping you from doing so. I'm glad you're here, regardless!

Now, I know that we aren't all fashionistas, and that the thought of coordinating the families outfits may sound daunting or even impossible to some of us... *cough cough guilty cough*

But I don’t want you to worry, I am here to help you avoid the extra stress!

Holidays are meant to be fun, and photos for them are no exception! Don’t let yourself get all worked up over the tiny details.

I've done some research and compiled a list of helpful tips, tricks, and examples that will (hopefully) help you style your family with ease this Christmas season!

Huge thanks to for providing the visuals!


1.) Embrace Being Basic

In the world of photos, it's okay to start with the basics and build the outfit up. A plain t-shirt or sweater can easily be dressed up with a cardigan, jacket, button-up, or scarf.

Avoid wearing distracting patterns or distracting colors. These photos are about you, so we want whoever sees them to look at you, not the color of your shirt.

2.) The Lady Leads the Way

Let's be real here - we all know that family photos are usually done to appease mom and grandma, so momma may as well be the shining star!

When planning outfits for a family, I like to recommend that Mom picks her outfit first - and makes sure she loves how it makes her look and feel.

If you're planning for a couple, it's the same principle, let the lady choose her outfit first!

Doing this makes the process sooo much easier, because 1.) now you've got a starting point to base everything else off of, and 2.) MAMA FEELS GOOD.

3.) Pick 3 or 4 colors + stick to 'em

  • Pick out ONE neutral color and TWO or THREE seasonal colors... OR vice versa. I love rainbows, but too many colors can clash and distract the eye from what's important - you and your families' jolly faces!!
  • After selecting your color palette, simply select outfits for your family that coordinate with the colors you have chosen.
  • You don't have to be wearing identical colors - feel free to mix it up a little bit, but remember to stick to the color palette you chose.

When you think of Christmas, what colors instantly come to mind? ... I bet those would make a great color scheme!

4.) When in Doubt, PJ it out

As I mentioned before, your session shouldn't be stressful!

Perhaps you've found yourself doubting your outfit coordination skills... or maybe you're like me and are more than aware that you lack the fashionista genes that almost seem to be required for these things? Either way, it's NO PROBLEM.

I am a huge advocate for matching PJs.

They are always 10/10 adorable and there are plenty of options available both in-stores and online.

Scour the interwebs, your local Old Navy, or the nearest Target and come dawning your most fashionable finds!

Click the photo to snag this set for yourself

5.) Layerize + Accessorize

Yeah, I know "layerize" isn't really a word, but it sounds good.

Add a lil bit of uniqueness and personality to your session by incorporating a few little accessories. Santa hats, toboggans, scarves, mittens, your favorite coffee (or tea) mug, a bundle of mistletoe… the list is endless. I will have a few smaller props available, but you should definitely bring your own as well if you're a proppy person.

6.) ALWAYS Have a Backup

We all know that anything can happen. Kids fall (or jump) in the mud, dads trip in the wet grass, someone spills orange soda all over their outfit, the toddler has a melt-down... the list goes on.

It's ALWAYS a good idea to arrive early for your session, plan for the worst, and have a backup outfit available, just in case. Bribing children with snacks or toys usually works to avoid meltdowns in my experience, and having wet-wipes is great for messy faces.

Photo sessions shouldn't be a stress

Hopefully, with this handy guide you'll feel well prepared and dressed for success when you arrive to your session. <3

Happy Holidays everyone,

-Aireal Sage Robbins