Why wedding photography?

This is a question that people ask me a lot. Along with: Why not do marketing, or work for a corporation with steady pay and benefits and actually use your business degree? Why not just photograph cute families? Are you sure you can charge that much for 'just a few hours' of work? Why put yourself under that kind of pressure?

Well, okay... if I’m being entirely honest with you here, maybe some of these questions are only asked in my own head... But that's beside the point. These are questions I have asked myself and been asked a lot throughout this journey. Through all of those what ifs and whys nots, I’ve found that defining my “WHY” has supplied me with a bountiful list of reasons for why I decided to take a leap of faith and start capturing weddings, even though I've not experienced my own just yet.

These are the 5 reasons why I became a wedding photographer.


Whenever I get the chance to just talk with my couples about their love story, I always leave the conversation feeling energized and excited.

The very first couple I worked with to capture their engagement ended up loving their engagement photos so much that they purchased their entire gallery and went on to spend the next two months begging me to capture their wedding for them the following year.

I was nervous as hell, didn't have all of the equipment I knew I needed, and had no idea what I was doing when I finally caved and agreed to do it. Thankfully I was able to upgrade my gear before the big day came around, and that took some of the stress off my shoulders, but man, was I NERVOUS. I spent weeks crawling photography groups, reading all of the advice I could find on how to be the best wedding photographer I could be. And once the day finally came, everything just felt... right. Not easy, no, but something about capturing all of the love, joy, and admiration between the couple, their friends, and their families really left me feeling electrified and wanting to capture more.


Weddings are unlike any other photo session. With a senior or family, I meet the client for an initial consultation (if we have time!) and then once again for their session a couple weeks later. With weddings, there is a much longer courtship involved. I meet the couple for their initial consultation and booking. Then, I take their engagement photos and get to know them during that session. I get to watch and follow along on Instagram for 9+ months as they find the perfect dress, have their bridal shower, or plan their honeymoon. I send numerous emails helping them determine their timeline, important details to bring, and what to prioritize on the wedding day. Finally, I get to spend 5-12 hours with them on their wedding day. Throughout this whole process, my wedding clients become more like friends, and that’s exactly what I aim for. I’m not just here to be the photographer you sort of met once that shows up on your wedding day. I am here to be a person that you trust, like, and know has invested deeply in your wedding day.


I've dreamt for years about my own wedding, wedding photos, and the memories that will come from it. When I began following local photographers and vendors in the wedding industry, I fell in love with the idea of being the person to capture it all. I find so much joy in helping a couple's wedding dreams come to life through my images.


No single wedding is alike. I get to meet different people, shoot at different venues, and have a different experience each time. Wedding photography encompasses many different types of photography from portrait, to details, to candids, to photojournalistic. It requires me to bring my A-game every time. Unlike any other session, I have little control over the light conditions and timing, and I certainly can’t reschedule if it rains or the sunlight is a little more harsh than I’d like. Wedding photography is always challenging me and forcing me to adapt and work under different conditions.


I’m not in it for the money. I’m not in it for the recognition, the popularity, or the instagram likes and followers (this one is obvious because I am not the best at keeping it updated). I’m in it simply because creating art and preserving memories from one of the most important days of a person’s life gives me life. It gives me a purpose and meaning in my job, other than just taking “pretty photos.” It goes way beyond becoming a well-known wedding photographer or getting published in a magazine. Like I said, I believe that marriage is so sacred and valuable. Getting to take part in that is one of the most meaningful things I could ever imagine doing.

Hey Homie, I'm Aireal.

Meet the West Virginia Wedding Photographer

I'm focusing in to capture souls who are wildly in love & searching for a fun, passionate, laughter-filled photography experience for their wedding and elopement day.
By capturing photojournalistic, candid, and posed images throughout the day, you'll be sure to have a wide variety of images that illustrate your wedding day and love story.
Inclusivity & representation matter. I am an LGBTQIA+ Wedding Photographer in West Virginia. Same-sex & non-binary couples are always welcome in front of my lens.